Thursday, July 27, 2006

The Guild in Action! (Greg and Lee, Sr Shoot)

Guild members (and guests), I wanted to highlight one of the tremendous benefits of our guild--working together. Lee and I went up to Fox Run park on Wednesday at 5:30 to shoot my first paying Sr set. The above shots are super quick edits with no attention to much, so you can see we got some good ones that should pop whith some editing attentions. The lighting was a little mixed, but overall we had some really even (cloud-covered) shooting conditions.

Take home points:
1. When shooting outdoors with a long lense (not bright), make sure you ISO support a high enough shutter speed so your shots are crisp. (ex. I shot with 100, and some of my shutter speeds were below 1/100 of a sec, so it approached the troubled zone for hand-held shooting.

Recommendation: use 400 ISO with a long lense (75-300 4-5.6) to ensure your shutter speeds are quick enough to prevent problematic motion.

2. When shooting with a Speedlight capable of high-speed sync, employ that with your AV mode. The Canon Speedlight limits the shutter speed to 1/200th of a second when shooting in the normal flash mode. This means if you want to open up your lense to create a nice blur and still use your fill, the camera may need to set a higher shutter speed (like 1/1000) to have a correct exposure. I ran into this a few times yesterday. I opened up the aperature to blur, thus bringing in more light for the background exposure. In AV, the camera needed to set a TV of 1/1000, but had to stop at 1/200, which ultimately blew out the whole shot.

Recommendation: use 400 ISO in AV, set the speed light to High Speed Sync and open up the aperature for a nice blur. The camera will set a high TV, but will still be able to give a nice fill.

3. When shooting with Lee Miller, be prepared to have fun!

Time to upgrade some equipment--the only problem is funds. In His time!


Monday, July 24, 2006

4 Favorite Shots from 2006

Since I couldn't come tonight, I thought I'd suggest an assignment. How about posting your 4 favorite shots from this year. To post yourself, you must be a member of this blog. I sent invitations to Jim, Lee, and Ted. If you want to just send pictures to me at: I can post them for you. I've resized these in Elements 4 for the web, so resized files seem to work pretty well. Here are mine.

Hike For Hope for Orphans


I wanted to highlight a great photographic oportunity for those of you who are of the hiking mindset. A great brother of mine is with an organization called LifeLine of Hope, a non-profit org that cares for orphans in Russia, Indian, and other developin nations. Chad thought about what we have to offer here in Colorado that might benefit the orphanages, and he created the Hike For Hope program.

I've listed his site in our links section on the right of this blog, so please visit. If anyone has a group that would like to set up a hike and would like to get some sponsors, get a hold of Chad. The Canadia military folks stationed at Peterson and Cheyenne Mountain are coordinating with Chad this year to include Hike For Hope as part of their annual trek up the Peak. I thought it would be great to get involved here and take some great pictures to help him promote this worthy cause. Our family sponsors and orphanage in Russia.

Please help me think of other ways to get this message to other believers. Chad is willing to visit small groups or churches to let them know about this ministry. LifeLine of Hope was started by a pastor and his good friend when they went to Russia to minister to the people and found orphanages in appalling conditions. They have been in ministry now for over 6 years and have grown each year. They are headquartered in Kallispel, MT, so sign me up to go shoot the HQ!


Sunday, July 23, 2006

July Meeting, is 24th at 6:30


Tommorrow at 6:30 is our special time of sharing and refreshing our Spirit as Christian Photographers. Jim is going to bring us lessons from God’s word. I hope Greg Nowlin will share about the blog he started and a great training idea.


Lee Miller

Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Here are a few shots inspired by Ted's class this month.

20D vs 30D?

Many of the members of this guild are Canon shooters and in no way is this next topic aimed at being non-inclusive to the Nikon brothers and sisters. With that said, we'd be interested to know how you feel about the differences between the new Canon 30D and the 20D. Feel free to recommend away.
3:23 PM

Colo Springs Christian Professional Photographers' Guild

Wow! It's been less than a year that a few of Colorado Springs best photographers have been meeting together for encouragement and fellowship, and the group is growing by leaps and bounds. Colorado Springs Christian Professional Photographers' Guild (CSCPPG) is a group of comitted professional artists who enjoy sharing their passion with fellow believers. We have well over 100 years of experience between our charter memebers which presents a unique oportunity to share techniques and the passion given to each of us by Christ to capture His creation and the sanctity of marriage. Thanks for visiting our blog, and stand by for more exciting information presented by CSCPPG members.

Greg Nowlin
Blog Monitor and Photographer